3 things I'm leaving out of my bio.

I pick all the pumpernickle toasts out of the Chex mix.

I worked 22 jobs in a 10 year period.

After a drunken stranger grabbed my tit on a sidewalk in Stuttgart I am wary of all Germans.

7 responses on “3 things I'm leaving out of my bio.

  1. Family Adventure

    Hey, let’s share the chex mix — I’ll take your pumpernickel. That’s my favourite!

    22 jobs over 10 years?! That’s a lot of new names to remember…


  2. Badness Jones

    hee hee….if that’s what you’re leaving out, can’t wait to hear what’s going in!

  3. Julie Pippert


    If that’s ALL you’re leaving out…you’re not doing too bad.

    I can match your job list but I did so much contract work I doubt it counts. LOL

    And listen,I have the same fears abotu Mardi Gras that you do about Germany for the exact same reason, although I guess in my case it was a Caveat Emptor, yes? (do not check my spelling, rushing!)

  4. Kellan

    Wary of all Germans – HA! I used to live in Stuttgart (1974-1978) – I loved it! TAke care. Kellan

  5. Victoria

    LOL about the German-groping incident! My husband is perturbed with all things French because he once got nearly-knocked-down by a rather large French woman in Ireland.

    Hence, he won’t go to Paris.