7 Things We Can't Say About George

1. He was boring.
2. He didn’t understand the world.
3. He missed his calling.
4. He should have stayed in school.
5. He had a horrible memory.
6. He should have have toed the line.
7. He never made me laugh.

Your material will live on, but you will be missed by a world who needs to laugh at themselves every day.

5 responses on “7 Things We Can't Say About George

  1. charrette

    My two favorites from him are the football (everything’s “down”/baseball (who’s up?”) routine, and the one about saving leftovers: It makes you feel good twice. First, when you put it in the fridge you think “I’m saving food” and then when you throw it in the trash you think “I’m saving my life.”

    The guy had a knack for perceiving the details of our lives and reflecting them back to us in larger-than-life proportions.