Advice from my shampoo bottle.

Since our lives are put on hold because of snow in Georgia, I had to amuse myself with whatever was available. In this case, the Suave Professionals Shampoo bottle.
Apparently the makers of my shampoo know I need guidance.

(direct bottle quote)
Every Mom can ride the bus to beautiful.
Instructions: Get kids safely to school,retreat to shower, lather and rinse. Repeat, because when was the last time you dared to do that?
For best results, use with Suave Humectant Conditioner and a scandalous night out with the love interest.
And while you’re at it, do something else just for you- like pick up a big foamy latte or restock your lingerie drawer. Fully. With the likes of things that drawer has never seen.

The Suave promise: We will do everything in our power to help women say yes to beautiful and to unleash the goddess within every mom.

Now why would I shampoo with anything else?

5 responses on “Advice from my shampoo bottle.

  1. painted maypole

    what a fun shampoo bottle. I have suave, too, will have to read it and see if it’s as interesting

  2. Family Adventure

    Oh my, there’s a new guy in the marketing department. A guy who’s not married, clearly…


  3. Victoria

    LOL at Heidi’s comment!!

    My shampoo bottle says “Who are you kidding? You don’t have time to *lather* let alone *lather and repeat*”.

    Clearly, I need a new shampoo.

  4. another good thing

    Heidi- so funny!
    I always thought there was a joke in the toothpaste tube directions. something about my figure…”flatten as you go up.”