Ahoy Mateys!

Maybe you’ve been keeping up on the whole e-book piracy deal, and this is old news to you- or maybe you have been living under a rock and had no idea there was an ebook price fixing trial going on– or, more likely, it doesn’t pertain to you- yet- and therefore, you were following other news instead.

Well, here’s your chance to play catch up. With audio.

 Check it out.

(scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Beyond The Book link for the audio)


One response on “Ahoy Mateys!

  1. Get Smart

    The blue eggs tasted beautiful! Of course any egg from your own back yard flock taste so much better than shop bought eggs. The fact that you’ve just trotted up the end of the garden and got them as fresh (sometimes still warm) as possible makes them taste all the much nicer.