Bloggin' Like A Mother!

Last weekend I attended the Decatur Book Festival. For all the crazy fun and wonderfulness that weekend brought, you’d think I’d have a few pictures. I do. And something to say.
Of course I do.
Let’s start here- with BLOGGERS!

This is Kristen Chase of Motherhood Uncensored and Mir Kamin of Woulda Coulda Shoulda.

See how pretty they are? See how happy they look? You would never guess one was recuperating from her own fun-filled evening battling food poisoning and the other is about to give birth- any minute now.

Go read their blogs. Buy their book.Say thank you.

2 responses on “Bloggin' Like A Mother!

  1. Churlita

    Wow. They both look amazing. I was hideous when I was that close to giving birth. I was huge and I had that awful mask of pregnancy thing going on.

  2. Mir

    Oh, I think I look a little green around the gills, still, in that shot. Heh. Kristen, however, is the most awesome-looking pregnant person I know. That bitch.

    Was great to finally meet you, Linda! Hey, could you email me this pic? Purty please? We’re starting a Sleep Is for the Weak Flickr group. I need to commemorate my food poisoning, apparently. 😉