Book Sale. Get your books here!

Last night my daughter told me that I could start my own used book store with all the books I have on my shelves.

I laughed, then wondered again, about storage for my darling hardcovers, all those signed and first editions- books that I imagine will be called “antiques” before I die.


I know publishing is a changing industry. I accept that. I bought my Kindle, and shopping for tablets, read downloaded material all the time.


I even have my own e-book at all the retail outlets.

Simple Intent

* on sale for the next fews days at a discounted rate of $4.99



Though I still buy books in all forms, I must admit, the nights of wrestling with a 600 page hardback book while trying to get comfortable in bed, only to have it bonk you on the bridge of your nose when you fall asleep… won’t be missed.