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Ashes, Ashes…

Three Thanksgiving Day fire stories taken from newspaper accounts.

I Write Because People Tell Me Stories

EndPiece, Byline Magazine, January 2005

My mom used to say I had a “come hither” look that invited trouble. I think it’s more of a “come tell me anything” look that invites stories.

People tell me their most personal problems,

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A Private Play

A version of this story appears in the 2004 edition of Oh Georgia! A Collection of Georgia’s Newest & Most Promising Writers.

A Private Play

Kimber: Light and Possibilities

I had been scrubbing Edith Turner’s toilets for eleven years.

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Life Swapping

I might take him up on his offer. My husband keeps saying, “Why don’t you go in for me today, and I’ll stay home.”

I imagine my day. I’ll drink real coffee, while it’s still warm, wear real clothes with real shoes on my feet.

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Broken Tiara

(as it appeared in venuszine, August 2005)

Susie Carmichael might have continued like this for years; if she hadn’t gone looking for the dildo her sister Anna had sent her last Christmas.

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