Cleaning out my purse, I found this:

A wadded up bar napkin with this story scratched in black ink:

Once upon a time in a bar far, far away
three young boys struck up their guitars and played.
It was a song about sex, about remorse, about the lack of educated women in the check-out line at the Walmart.
It made the people sad- the girls cried and the bartender poured out her soul to the man in the black hat.
Then they danced.

What’s in the bottom of your purse?

One response on “Cleaning out my purse, I found this:

  1. painted maypole

    sand, from when I took my purse to an impromptu beach picnic with the cast of La Traviata and it got hooked on someone’s foot as they swingdanced, and was dragged through the sand.

    I tried to get it all out, but have you ever tried to empty your purse of sand?

    not easy.