Feast of Love: add this movie to your list

Sometimes you read a novel and think: This is beautiful. I can’t write like this. And then you hear it’s been picked up, and you worry that Hollywood will ruin it.
And then you watch it and cry and laugh and remember why you loved the characters in the book and you think, okay, I can do this, and how wonderful would it be if the words on my page came out as crying, laughing, smiling, loving people on a forty foot screen.

I met Charles Baxter in New York, told him how much I loved the book and had him sign it. If you have not read it. You must.
And check out the awesome soundtrack for FEAST OF LOVE…wow.

2 responses on “Feast of Love: add this movie to your list

  1. James Simpson

    I loved the book, but the movie sucked donkey dick. And I had a nice conversation with him about it — the book, not the movie.