Five weddings, No Funerals.

You’d think a woman
of my age
would have a long
tally of both,
but I don’t.

Three of the five
were for my sisters.
they were

One even came
with a plane ticket
from San Diego
to Syracuse.

I don’t know how
I avoided funerals.

Maybe it was
in the timing.

Maybe it is
one of those
where God will not
give you more
than you can bear.

At any rate
I suck at sympathy.
And being an eloper
I suck also at empathy

Don’t buy the dress
and the roast beef.
send back the
crystal and china

Reach out
your hand
and leap.

2 responses on “Five weddings, No Funerals.

  1. Kellan

    This summer I had one wedding to attend and 3 funerals. I don’t often have either.

    Have a good evening – Kellan

  2. Churlita

    I went to two weddings this Summer, but no funerals.

    My Uncle died, but he lives in Arizona and I couldn’t afford to go.