Hard Drive Crash Surprisingly Liberating

After 22 months of daily, vigorous pounding. My MACBOOK took a crap.
Today I wear black, reinstall, update, restore.. put data from online storage sites and try to reconfigure a network of emails that I am certain are going to be important someday.
Yes, it stinks. And no there is no way to retrieve the lost data.
It’s weird. I have been calm about the whole thing, made jokes even.
So very unlike me.
Because I think I brought it all on myself by complaining just the other day about all the junk I had accumulated on there and wishing I could get a clean slate…

I am glad for a few things… specifically that I have saved many important documents to a flash drive and cds..oh, like 1000 pages of novels in progress.

But the ipod thing is confusing because it no longer recognizes this hard drive and thinks I am a pirate… and I will have to rebuy some software I’m sure…
So, instead of a leisurely week without kids and doing lots of writing. I will be be recreating my MAC world and probably swearing a lot. and apologizing to all the people whose emails I lost…

3 responses on “Hard Drive Crash Surprisingly Liberating

  1. Churlita

    I’m such a wimp, that I just hand my computer over to one of my geeky/techy friends so they can make it all better. You are a stronger person than I.

  2. Family Adventure

    Oh no! I HATE it when that happens. It is the WORST…my sincere condolences, and compliments on taking it so well.


  3. dmarks

    The Mac I had just one day tossed out all the data on the hard disk.

    I was used to working with PCs, where there were all kinds of utilities for fixing hard disk stuff. I could find none for the Mac. That was the end of the Mac experiment for me.