I have been busy writing. I swear.

Some of it, I did publicly. over here.

Most of it I did privately, sharing only with my writing group and agent. Proud to say, finally figured out some nagging issue, and now at almost 81000 words, can see the end of on the new novel, 3Women Walk Into A Bar.

I have been distracted, with life and people and plans.. and with other writing. Yep. Strange. It’s feast or famine for me. My muse is a taskmaster.. which sounds kinda like Beastmaster… which might be more fitting.

But that’s the thing with words. When they come, they need to be dealt with immediately.  or they will disappear.

Sit in the chair and forget about paying bills, buying groceries and  working out or closet sorting. Their day will come. Those little gifts? They never seem to disappear.

I did make time to go the the Margaret Mitchell House for an evening with writers. Congratulations to Kathryn Stockett for winning The Townsend Prize for her novel, The Help.

A book I not only read, but had Kathryn sign earlier this year when she spoke at The Atlanta Writers Club. Kinda bummed my favorite book in the running, The Girl Who Stopped Swimming didn’t win though. I love, love, love that book – and the author, Joshilyn Jackson.

But, there was jazz music and literary talk- albeit a really boring keynote speaker… but there was WINE and afterward, fun girl stuff at an Irish pub….