Legal Organ for Name Changes

My local paper has a Thursday section called The Legal Organ. I love everything about this,
especially the name changes listings.
This week I found that:
Huai-ting Yen is requesting a name change to: Teresa Huaiting Yen-Willis
Morgan Lynett Grant to: Najya Sharifah El
Richard Long to: Long West Border

Those are great. I found one a while ago where the guy changed his ordinary name into a royal one. I cut it out and stuffed it in my files, and had to stop myself from calling him and asking him “Why?”

The most interesting thing about the name changes is how they are posted in the Legal organ. They say, “Notice is hereby given that XXX filed his petition to the Superior Court of XXX on the day XXX of 2007, PRAYING for a change in the name of Petitioner XXX …..Objections must be filed with said court within 30 days…”

The PRAYING part is weird enough, but I wonder what would happen if I filed an objection to Richard Long on behalf of California?