Let’s talk about books. And how you read them.

Mark Coker recently wrote a wonderful piece for  The Huffington Post called:

21 Book Publishing Predictions for 2013: Indie Ebook Authors Take Charge

you can read it here.

I love how he said,

“I challenge you, my dear writer, publisher or reader, to take charge of your future. Imagine a brighter and better future ahead, where the culture of books reigns supreme, where more people are discovering, reading, purchasing, publishing, selling, and profiting-from books. Imagine a future where more readers than ever before will enjoy a greater diversity of books than ever before. Imagine a future where the power center of the publishing business shifts from traditional publishers to ordinary writers where it belongs.”


Of course, everyone seems to have something to say about the ebook industry. Here’s a few facts.

  • ebook reading for children is on the rise, up 21% since 2010
  • average ebook prices have lowered almost $3 with the major publishing houses
  • an ebook reader filled with 3500 books would weigh 2 tons in physical books
  • ebook popularity is in fact encouraging a new move in paper books: artful design
  • 36% of publishers derive 10% of their revenue from ebooks (a figure that doubled in one year)
  • for every 100 print books Amazon sells, they sell 114 ebooks
  • the Ipad is the most preferred reading device

If you’re an author and have an ebook, I invite you to list it here- with link to your favorite promo/ sales spot.

If you’re a reader, and you have a favorite ebook, tell us about it.

If you want a free ebook? Drop me a line here, or at sands.linda@gmail.com  and I’ll send you a free copy of Not Waving, Drowning.

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Happy reading!


One response on “Let’s talk about books. And how you read them.

  1. Denver W. Higgins

    Several indie authors only publish their novels in ebook format. Makes sense too, especially when you’re first starting out. It costs a lot less to format and produce an ebook than a paperback.