Merry Christmas from Britney Spears.

If you’re reading this. That was a lie. Just a way to test the hit counter.
It should say;
Read Linda’s 10th Annual Report, the lowdown on the family happenings all year because her sisters never visit and her mother and father never call and most of the coolest people in the world she left behind in weird places like Schwenksville, PA and Rindge, New Hampshire and a bunch of tiny suburbs on the left coast. (the other cool people she sees weekly).
This is the kind of writing that made people say, “Will I be on your Christmas list next year?” Then move and not leave a forwarding address.
Enjoy. And please, send me yours.

7 responses on “Merry Christmas from Britney Spears.

  1. Family Adventure

    Awesome annual report! You guys were busy…

    And love the header…looking forward to an updated hit counter score.


  2. Victoria

    It’s wrong how much I like you!

    Oh, and the header was hilarious!

    Do your kids know how funny you are or is it lost on them? =)

  3. The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch:

    Loved it! I’m with Churlita – it’s the best annual family newsletter I’ve ever read. You’re a terrific writer.