NANOWRIMO is my bitch

November used to be about shoes. I refused to do this whole… write a ton of goop and call it a story and then cheat at the last minute and copy and paste weird recipes and love letters so you can make 50k words and get a pretend trophy or a T-shirt. So instead I did 30 days of shoes. Because I have 200 pairs—

Wait. Do you actually get a trophy? because that would be cool.

Okay, so anyway.

This year.. at band camp? I’m totally doing it.

Except there is no camp and no cute instructor to flirt with and no s’mores. Definitely no s’mores. Instead, there is this story that i was only joking about because there was a real story that I HAVE to write. Well… turns out the funny pretend story is way more fun and easier to write and the other thing is probably getting pitched, or maybe that will be the short story. Who knows.


The best thing about Nanowrimo is you aren’t supposed to edit. you aren’t supposed to question, just trudge forward. Some days I write a sentence and hate it but keep going I know, right?

It is crazy-making and fun. fun.FUN.


I must go drink now.tumblr_mvfugnAvxO1smd25ro1_500