No longer TABOO. Print your own damn book, son.

If you’ve just crawled out from under a rock, brush yourself off, grab a hot mug of tea and sit down.

Because I’m here to tell you. Publishing has changed.

Not just publishing of books, newspapers and magazines… virtually everything in print is now coming at us at the speed of light- well, sort of. Maybe it’s more like the speed of me driving the sports car to Florida on that open stretch in Alabama that’s too barren for cops to hide. Yeah, like that.

See, I’ve been reading stuff like this about reader’s habits.

and this about ebooks vs traditional books

and figured out this.

which made me do this.( see the widget to the right, falling off the page.)

oh yes. you like that? Look here, so do they.

and if you comment below? I will give you a free copy. Game on, son.