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Grand Theft Cargo

Grand Theft Cargo is a wild ride from start to finish with a secretive highwayman, explosive house bombs, singing telegrams, flaming mice, secret cancer drugs, dead truckers, an agency that can’t be named, and enough crashes and car chases to remind you these road cowboys have no qualms crossing the zipper to walk the dog in the hammer lane.

Tenacious trucker Jojo Boudreaux and her co-driver beau Tyler Boone spend their days- and nights- delivering cargo coast to coast. Old Blue, their custom Peterbilt tractor-trailer makes the perfect home for a man who never had one and a Louisiana tomboy who thinks an oven is for storing guns. But life on the road isn’t all sing-a-longs and sunsets.

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3 Women Walk Into A Bar

A book and a bunch of drink recipes!

It might sound like a joke, but there’s nothing funny about three beautiful women murdered in an Irish pub in Syracuse.

The cops think it’s an open and shut case, pointing the finger at the dead guy with the gun, bar owner James John Smith. But when a mother of one of the victims hires her lover, Bill “Free Willy” Tedesco, an ex-stripper and karaoke star turned PI to investigate, the secrets of the dead surface and the question of who pulled the trigger becomes more important than why.

2015 Kindle Scout Winner
2016 Georgia Author of the Year for Mystery
2016 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Judges’ Choice Award for Best P.I.
2016 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Judges’ Choice Award for Neo-Noir

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Not Waving, Drowning

*** Sometimes, an empty boat sinks, a fire burns on the inside and a girl on dry land drowns.***

Not Waving, Drowning, is the story of three women bound in a poetic tapestry:

Modern day architectural photographer Maggie Morris is called to Savannah when her husband is presumed drowned. While looking into his mysterious disappearance, she’s forced to open herself up to new possibilities when she falls in love with a lighthouse restorer.

Bobbie Denton, an 1889 NY reporter running from her past ends up in Savannah where she finds both love and a legend, when she uncovers the story of The Waving Girl- a woman thought to be crazy- greeting ships from her island home by waving a cloth by day and a lantern by night.

Flora Martus, The 72 year old Waving Girl of Savannah, tells all her secrets to the mortician’s daughter on one day in 1940 when she lays her beloved brother, the lighthouse keeper to rest.

Using the poetry of Stevie Smith as the through line, this tapestry of stories weaves a common thread of humanity in that love can’t be judged, the past can’t be rewritten, and not everyone can be saved.

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Simple Intent

I was never sure what I wanted to do with this story.

I loved discovering it, enjoyed the research and the detail that went into creating the book, but never felt it was “mine”… in that totally weird artist way of owning something…

But someone saw another side of the book, and brought it to life as an international electronic book.  Thank you, Open Books.

Simple Intent, based on a true story, is a fast paced legal thriller that reads likes the love child of Grisham and Lehane.

When two opportunistic interns uncover details about a 1970’s cold case, their simple intent to free an innocent man is thwarted by crooked cops, a slick prosecutor turned defense attorney and a bunch of Philadelphia bad guys.

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