Opinions and Arses: Today, I'm keeping them both to myself.

Whoever said that thing about opinions being like assholes- that everyone has one –was right.

Think about it.
Opinions, like assholes, can be broad and welcoming, or tiny, tight, small minded. They can go one way only or both ways. They can be accommodating, eager even, or they might appear swollen or full of shit. They can be bald-faced lies or inexplicably hairy and complicated. Some people want to keep theirs to themselves, others want to share theirs with the world- on any occasion for any reason.
Both opinions and assholes change with age, experience, attitude, circumstance.
People apologize for both and frequently see specialists to repair, analyze or discuss the two.

I’d like to think my opinions, like my asshole, never stink. But that’s only my opinion.

2 responses on “Opinions and Arses: Today, I'm keeping them both to myself.

  1. Karen

    *Thinks to myself, did I piss Linda off this week?*

    whew – ok, think I’m in the clear.

  2. linda-sands.com

    Definitely not you. Actually no one pissed me off. I was just thinking–which never leads me anywhere safe. Might have something to do with having stories rejected or ideas shot down…