Publishing and Book News: Stuff you Might Want To Know


This week, like most weeks in the pub  and book world… stuff happened.

Here’s a few highlights taken straight from the PW site.

Hachette and Ingram dropped plans to buy Perseus.

Harlequin will now be a division of HarperCollins.

There’s a new promotion forum called BayPub, though lots of us writers think the booze part should still be in the title.

Get your books in ONE DAY. Amazon and B&N both step up to get us the books we need right now. ( You know it’s a disappointment when you go to 5 stores and they all say, “I can order it for you.” Yeah, Can you give me back the gas, wear and tear and time I just wasted?

That AUTHORS UNITED thing is still happening… don’t ask me how I feel about it. Read this post by Joe Konrath and Barry Eisler, and jump on the smart bandwagon.

The books of the week.

Books to look out for.

And yep, 50 Shades is “all the rage again.”   Have you seen the trailer?