Signing an e-book

I thought this was a joke, a year ago. Even watched a famous author pull out a sharpie and sign the back of someone’s Kindle as a joke, but now, I guess we can.

Waiting on a reply with more details from a writer friend who said this:
Authors are already learning to do booksignings on ereaders. Either they make cards from the cover art of the book (lots of folks are doing that), or they actually create a signed version of the ebook which they bring with them to signings so people can download the signed version to their readers. I actually talked at a convention last weekend about how an author – with two freeware programs, a laptop, and one of the cheap Wacom tablets, can sign individualized ebooks for readers. Pretty cool stuff. 🙂

One response on “Signing an e-book

  1. Susan Cushman

    I like the idea of signing the Kindle with a Sharpie myself. Then the reader would always have that reminder of meeting the author–right there in her hands each time she picks up her Kindle to read.