So much to blog about

I was going to tell you about PORNAMENTS but that will have to wait until tomorrow.. because I have a problem.
Maybe you can help.
I have been reading someone else’s email. And I don’t feel bad about it. See, there is a guy who thinks his wife’s email is MINE, and well, I have about 5 email accounts and just recently discovered this interesting correspondence. Nothing EXTREMELY personal has hit the monitor- yet- but I fear it’s only a matter of time.
This is what I know:
He is a visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Archaeology at a college in UMMM- let’s say the Midwest and She is a biologist specializing in environmental concerns.
They travel- and miss each other- and I bet they play video games, have no kids an enjoy a dark red wine with their pasta.
But I could be wrong.
I do know that I felt a little guilty reading their mail in my mailbox, but now I go every day to look and see what they’re up to, like they are characters in my book and I want to see what happens. That doesn’t make me a bad person, does it?

Problem 2
Someone else erroneously emailed me – on another account- to say they are excited to be renting from me in six months time and want to know where to send the deposit and payment.
This sounds like a hoax, doesn’t it? But what if…

6 responses on “So much to blog about

  1. Nap Warden

    Hi, stumbled by your blog…did you say pornament?

    Problem #1, read on…Problem #2, gotta be a hoax…Just my opinion:)

  2. WorksForMom

    Egads, this same thing happened to me 5 years ago. I intercepted a “love affair” e-mail of actual people. I never knew if it was a hoax or not but I certainly will never forget THAT.

    Thanks for your visit today and for adding me to your site, I’ve subscribed to yours today!

  3. Family Adventure

    I don’t get it…doesn’t he wonder when he doesn’t get a reply from his wife??


  4. another good thing

    Funny thing is He sends it to 2 of her email accounts, mentions the one I’m getting and she never says anything about it, as if she has forgotten her password and doesn’t want to admit it, or she thinks he’s wacky, I don’t know. I was tempted to write to him and explain… but…
    and oh yes, pornaments today.