Somedays, I write like a bestselling author

This is from the brilliant Lawrence Block:
“…a sign in a window caught her eye. WAITRESS WANTED. The place was unprepossessing, and none of the handful of customers struck her as a potential big tipper….She went in, unfastened the Scotch tape that held the WAITRESS WANTED sign in place, took it down and carried it to the counter, where a stocky man with a moustache raised his abundant eyebrows and watched her from beneath them. ” You must be Stavro,” she said. “You can put this away. I’m your new waitress.”
*****and this is from me, Linda Sands, when Roxie gets a job, in “3 Women Walk into a Bar” ********
“When she passed Flannigan’s and saw the sign, Help Wanted, she felt a bit of the old Don tingle return. It was a gauge she couldn’t ignore, so she opened the door and walked in. It was just another bar in just another town, but it felt like home. It felt like a hot meal on a starched placemat in a clean kitchen. It felt like a yellow room full of baby furniture. It felt like the perfect combination of a broad chest and strong arms spooning her from behind. She introduced herself to Mr. Smith.
“I’m the girl you need.”
She held out her hand and when he took it and their eyes met, she said, “Take down the sign.” “
Block’s book just came out last month- I just read it on Kindle two days ago.
I wrote the 3 Women walk into a Bar scene in Summer of 2010. Agent is shopping the manuscript in NYC right now.
 Hmm. Is there hope for a little girl from Syracuse?
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