Super Smart Query Letter

It is the single most important page you will write. Write it well.

I just found this on WOW ( Women on Writing) from agent Verna Driesbach and had to share.


WOW: Describe your ideal query or proposal.

Verna: One that is professional, passionate, and focused. I want to know what the book is about and why I would be interested in looking at it—without knowing the writer’s life story. There’s a particular fiction query that I use as an example in my workshops because the first sentence of each paragraph illustrates my point.

Dear Ms. Dreisbach: (professional and it’s actually addressed to me!)

1st PARA = In researching agents, I found that you . . . (show you know who I am and what I like).

2nd PARA = Insert great paragraph synopsis (intriguing).

3rd PARA = My pertinent background includes . . . (include only the facts)

4th PARA = A mannerly thanks.

Short, sweet, to the point.