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More good things than bad things.

What folks are saying about 3 Women Walk into a Bar.

“Clever, sexy, witty, and shot glasses full of fun, 3 Women Walk Into a Bar is no joke — and with one of the freshest and most exciting new voices in crime fiction,

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Holiday Gifts for Writers and Book Lovers

Yes, It is simply weeks away.  For many of us, the Christmas Countdown is on. For some smart little bunnies, we’ve been done for weeks and now are beginning the dreadful descent into Keeping up with the Joneses Holiday Decor Battle and How to Avoid Eating all the Wreath-Shaped Rice Krispie Treats your Co-worker Left in the Break Room,

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Famous Writer’s Birthdays Today

Straight from Garrison Keillor, a man who my children hate to hear drone in the car- they claim his voice induces car sickness…

From The Writer’s Almanac: January 25th

It’s the birthday of the novelist and essayist Virginia Woolf,

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