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Ho. Ho. Hammacher Schlemmer. Ho.

You can’t say it without smiling, and you can’t say it properly after a few Friday afternoon cocktails. (I know, but it’s Friday afternoon somewhere, and besides it sounded much better than Thursday morning tequila shots.)

Scanning through this classic Christmas catalog that claims:
Offering the Best,

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Bloggin' Like A Mother!

Last weekend I attended the Decatur Book Festival. For all the crazy fun and wonderfulness that weekend brought, you’d think I’d have a few pictures. I do. And something to say.
Of course I do.

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And there is always more.

We walked the streets of NY, but not like that. I mean, had we done THAT I wouldn’t be broke right now. we drank at fancy places
we ate at not so fancy places

We listened to icons tell the truth about their nude modeling careers


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