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A funny, from McSweeney's

I’ve written a few of these McSweeney-like lists, even had a few published. Dooce linked to one on her Twitter today. ( which is going to read like Portuguese to my mother) but here, I offer you two more.

What Could Have Been.

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Soon to be a Major Motion Picture

Man accused of drunken horse riding in snowstorm.

Thu Jan 29, 10:28 pm ET

CODY, Wyo. – A man has been cited for public intoxication while riding a white horse during a snowstorm in the northern Wyoming town of Cody.

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It was a dark and stormy night.

Top dishonors in writing go to Washington man

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) — A grotesque comparison of a steamy love affair to a New York City street has won a Washington man this year’s grand prize in an annual contest of bad writing.

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Why do you blog?

It‘s not bad enough that we judge ourselves every time we look in a mirror, see ourselves in a photo, hear our out-going message on the voicemail… now we have opened ourselves up to a blogosphere that may not accept us.

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Maybe only funny to my writing group


A hackneyed, masturbatory miscarriage of a story.
You have managed to coldly and persistently rape the English language for 17 pages. Congratulations.
The fact that this story exists is the ultimate argument against Creationism.

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Advice from my shampoo bottle.

Since our lives are put on hold because of snow in Georgia, I had to amuse myself with whatever was available. In this case, the Suave Professionals Shampoo bottle.
Apparently the makers of my shampoo know I need guidance.

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