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It’s a hot, hot, Wednesday when the mysterious Alexi Lawless stops by.

There are some writers that you never really know. They hide behind their characters, they change their names, build fake towns or fantasy worlds. You may never truly know them. And sometimes, that lets you fall into their stories harder than you might have if you were busy staring at the face on the book jacket wondering if she really is the teacher at your kid’s school or the girl on the elevator at Park Street Condos.

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Holiday Gifts for Writers and Book Lovers

Yes, It is simply weeks away.  For many of us, the Christmas Countdown is on. For some smart little bunnies, we’ve been done for weeks and now are beginning the dreadful descent into Keeping up with the Joneses Holiday Decor Battle and How to Avoid Eating all the Wreath-Shaped Rice Krispie Treats your Co-worker Left in the Break Room,

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Bouchercon 2013, Albany NY

You might be thinking this looks more like the site for Dragon*Con, and if you know anything about Bouchercon, you may be thinking there is a cool mysterious bar at the top of the egg, and a rocking hotel at the base.

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