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She's a Little Runaway

I ran away for a few days. But I’m back. And I was never that far. And I did what I needed to do.

I suppose we all have our runaway stories. My kids have both done it- or at least attempted it.

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I love knowing interesting people.

I am easily bored. I used to move alot. And change jobs. And travel. And go out. And drink and… well, let’s just say, use other things to distract me. yes, that all helped. Sort of like a bandaid.
But now I am older and supposed to be wiser,

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One of a few things I'm trying to not dwell on.

Here’s the backstory if you’re new here-
or if you’re like my husband who only hears the words that come after steak, beer, bed, free or panties.
I wrote a (steak) novel- actually three, but here- to minimize dwelling potential- we’re only talking about the one my agent read,

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This is why I speed.

Tom says it’s a testicular pleasure. And while, as a woman, I can’t quite get on board with that reason, I cannot deny the sexual reference, nor my need for speed. Maybe it’s the pleasure it brings me, when the driving fast is combined with the illegality of it.

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The danger of using your IPOD as alarm clock.

Songs I Woke To This Week That May
Also Be Titles to Children’s Picture Books

Magic Bus
You Had a Bad Day
All Fall Down
Men Without Hats
I Love Baby Cheesy

Songs I Woke To Last Week That Are Oddly Prophetic

One Way Leads To Another
Red Red Wine
Hot Child In the City
With Arms Wide Open
Ain’t Misbehavin’

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