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She's a Little Runaway

I ran away for a few days. But I’m back. And I was never that far. And I did what I needed to do.

I suppose we all have our runaway stories. My kids have both done it- or at least attempted it.

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A funny, from McSweeney's

I’ve written a few of these McSweeney-like lists, even had a few published. Dooce linked to one on her Twitter today. ( which is going to read like Portuguese to my mother) but here, I offer you two more.

What Could Have Been.

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Wait. I'm supposed to stay home? With them?

Yesterday was elementary and high school orientation. Each kid had their MOM moment, a one on one time to show off their skills and personality, to wow Mom with their growth, intelligence and witticisms- to impress teachers and principals, to re-establish friendships that had waned over the summer,

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