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The danger of using your IPOD as alarm clock.

Songs I Woke To This Week That May
Also Be Titles to Children’s Picture Books

Magic Bus
You Had a Bad Day
All Fall Down
Men Without Hats
I Love Baby Cheesy

Songs I Woke To Last Week That Are Oddly Prophetic

One Way Leads To Another
Red Red Wine
Hot Child In the City
With Arms Wide Open
Ain’t Misbehavin’

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A funny, from McSweeney's

I’ve written a few of these McSweeney-like lists, even had a few published. Dooce linked to one on her Twitter today. ( which is going to read like Portuguese to my mother) but here, I offer you two more.

What Could Have Been.

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Shopping on a Limited Memory.

I am a list maker.
Not the kind of person who needs to stand up and state her case in a room of over-caffeinated nervous people wearing polyester, but the kind of person who can be found in grocery stores across the continent clutching scraps of paper: milk,

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Weird things I saw while driving today.

  • A white laundry basket filled with neatly folded clothes on the side of a busy highway
  • A bloody sneaker
  • A man dressed for church riding a red lawn mower down the center line
  • 3 white BMWs on 3 separate highways with their hoods up and a man standing at the rear,

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