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I'll bet this designer loves Carol Burnett.

It’s getting close to choosing a Project Runway winner. Of course I cheated and downloaded all the fashion week photos days and days ago, feeling for a brief moment like the rich front row gal with the clipboard and an order form- though probably even in my daydream I was only the assistant to the rich girl- my other life phase- the buyer.

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words that need to be read aloud

Do you do this? Read passages out loud to whomever is in the room? Or to yourself? Have you laughed out loud, snorted or merely grinned as you read a book in public?

here’s me:
HAHAHAHAHA, I say holding up the book,

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words words words

I read three books last weeks- or five- if you also count the novel manuscript I read twice while editing. I wrote three short pieces, a few blog entries, the letter of intent for a workshop I want to attend,

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And there is always more.

We walked the streets of NY, but not like that. I mean, had we done THAT I wouldn’t be broke right now. we drank at fancy places
we ate at not so fancy places

We listened to icons tell the truth about their nude modeling careers


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Unpacking my head.

After a few days of jam-packing information into my skull, I was happy to veg in front of the 130 incher and see LOST. Good to have the familiar faces back. I wasn’t wowed, but I wasn’t disappointed, but I decided to stay away from web pages that promise clues and insider info.

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