Talk MAC to me.

Okay. I really should be doing something else. But, I need an answer. Do I need to buy the upgraded I-photo /office package to be able to manipulate photos on my macbook, or since I don’t use any of those other “office-y ” things, can I buy a separate “pc photoshop like” software and will I be able to learn it myself?
Thank you internet darlings.

4 responses on “Talk MAC to me.

  1. Family Adventure

    No help…with macs or otherwise. Hope some clever person out there is at the ready to help you!


  2. elizabeth

    wow, just checked my two favorites and one definitely doesn’t do mac. ( but can’t find a OS list for faststone image viewer. it does a lot of good things and its free.

    don’t pay for the office pkg if you don’t use office. there has to be something out there.