What I’ve been up to. The “Bookish” part of me anyway.

I just finished a John Green book called Looking For Alaska.  It was- of course, I mean this is John Green after all- a fantastic YA book, one in which the dates were given in a sort of backward order. A style that I’ve been thinking about and now have the reason to use. ( Because, basically, I have been pretty darn busy this summer, and way slacking in the catch up department. Not to be confused with the ketchup department.)

So, let’s travel back in time,  back to 83 days ago when 3 WOMEN WALK INTO A BAR launched as an e-book with Kindle Press. That was pretty darn exciting! I don’t have any pictures of me dancing around the office or fist pumping strangers, but I like looking at the “cleaned up version of the cover” One that Amazon assured me would get “all available promotional marketing” now that the blood splatters, woman’s gripping hand and excess bullet holes were removed. (Many, many thanks to my amazing cover artist, Aaron Wood)51jlWuOgeVL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_


It didn’t have any reviews, just some very nice blurbs. Like these:

“Clever, sexy, witty, and shot glasses full of fun, 3 Women Walk Into a Bar is no joke — and with one of the freshest and most exciting new voices in crime fiction, Linda Sands is an author to watch.”

~Douglas Corleone, author of One Man’s Paradise, Good as Gone, Payoff and Robert Ludlum’s The Janson Equation
 “Though its intelligent humor is obvious, 3 Women Walk into a Bar is no joke.  It’s a wonderfully twisted tale with a sly take on our digital culture.  Riveting and beautifully written, this is a novel that should be on everyone’s must-read list.”
~ William Kent Krueger, Edgar award winning author of Ordinary Grace, and the Cork O’Connor mystery series
“Those who aren’t real-life friends with Linda Sands – or at the very least on Facebook, have no way to prepare for the verbal onslaught that is her wit and writing. “Three Women Walk into a Bar” introduces itself like the opening of a bad joke then quickly unravels into a roller-coaster murder mystery with a pace not beholden to the style of either coast. Sands is an original in a field of copycats, as fresh and deliberate as a sucker punch in the face.
– Matt McGee, editor Falling Star Magazine


And so, the book, my third novel debuted at $3.49 and ranked at 119,000 out of over 1,000,000 books on Amazon.

I bought some swag to celebrate:

FullSizeRender (6)



And then, 60 days ago, these arrived in the mail.

books 3wwiab


Which meant it was time to head to the bookstores.

So 40 days ago, I did this event in Marietta at The Book Exchangelocal author banner


with a bunch of fantastic writers, some self-published, some published by small press or indies, like me. All of us locals to the area and happy to be so well received. We had snacks and drinks and giveaways!

Folks seemed to have a good time.


Ana Raquel and I Book Exchange 7-15

Linda and maryAnn, book exchange




11742690_988993261135121_8747451563478095383_nBig thanks to Cat Blanco for the support and a huge thank you for the book lovers and writers who came out to play.

Which brings me to part 2, what happened 8 days after this event.

Check in later this week to hear more and see more pictures.

Have a fantastic week! Read a book!     ( the real cover>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)