Thought Snippets.

Some people have words of wisdom they can pass on, some have their own famous quote etched on their gravestone…me, I have snippets and they’re not even wise.

I catch myself thinking in headlines or *bullets* like I should have been a journalist or a writer for the TV guide. Or a blogger. After a late late late night partying, Friday, I wrote- what I can only guess- I had perceived in my drunken state were WORDS OF WISDOM.

these 2 things on scraps of paper

If I told you I might, I would because I had thought enough about it to know how.

Sometimes, you’re invited to places that are so much cooler than the place you almost lied to get out of going to, so that even afterward you don’t feel so bad.

And that explains the picture.

4 responses on “Thought Snippets.

  1. James Simpson

    That’s so funny. Years ago, when I was 21 or something, my friend Tony and I went to get our hair cut at this salon I discovered. Thing was, all the women stylists (they were ALL women) were cute and served wine to customers. I was hooked. Anyway, I took my buddy Tony there and as he was getting his hair shampooed, he made the EXACT tongue-over-the-fingers-cunnilingus gesture as in your photo. The stylist Tony directed this toward saw him, called him on it and, well…we were both embarrassed. They still refilled our wine glasses though.

    Hadn’t thought of that in years.


    Glad to bring back those oh-so-tender moments of your youth… though I was reminded of KINGPIN… remember the disgusting landlady… and the scene when Woody is driving the car and she does that from the backseat? Of course, like the wicked witch of the west turning to coffee pitch lady, I had to suspend my disbelief when I saw the EWWW landlady as one of the principal actors of the reality show, On The Lot. She does a good job, as did my pal in adding a little unwanted extra to a series of photos.

  3. Ashley

    Actually your T-shirt caught my attention (I know, I know, “Hey! Eyes up here, bub!”)

    So what does it say you love to do to/with your hubby? Inquiring minds and all that…


    I’m flattered- actually I’m flat.. but still may do something about that someday- a fiftieth bday present or something. Anyway. The t-shirt is tame.
    It says: I love my husband.
    It was right next to the one that said: I love my boyfriend, and since there was so much white space on the husband shirt I figured if he really messed up with me I could just slash out the word husband and change it to boyfriend, though during the party someone suggested the shirt should read: I love YOUR husband. heehee.