Time is Relative in Your Hands

Time is Relative in Your Hands


9:30 in my world, is 9:37, with a text saying sorry, I’m running late.
9:30 in the construction world is 12:30, with no call, no excuse.
9:30 in the cable world is 4:48, 12 minutes before the end of the agreed upon appointment window.
9:30 at the dentist is 9:31, because you want it to be 9:50, or never.
9:30 in the business world is 9:29, because punctuality and eagerness means everything, also, there’s another meeting to discuss this meeting, at 11am.
9:30 for the retiree is… whatever time they want it to be.

What is 9:30 in your world?

What happens at 9:29?

How much better could 9:31 be?