Why I make lunches everyday.

Two Lists of Complaints. BY STUART ZEHNER

– – – –


My Middle-School Students

in Korea Had About Our

School’s Food.

“The rice is cold.”

“The kimchi is dry.”


American Middle-School
Students Would Have If
They Were Served
Korean Food.

“There’s an entire fish in my soup.”

“The fish in my soup still has eyes.”

“The fish in my soup with eyes is full of fish eggs.”

“What is this?”

“They made me eat off a metal tray with chopsticks.”

“I was served a vertebra.”

“This salad is clearly made from the bush in the front of the school.”

“I told you last week I don’t like fish eggs!”

“The menu says we’re having chicken anus for lunch.”

“The live baby octopus you served me stuck to my throat and died.”

“There wasn’t any pizza.”

“This is dog meat.”

“It’s too spicy.”

“The rice is cold.”

“The kimchi is dry.”

5 responses on “Why I make lunches everyday.

  1. Badness Jones

    Yuck! I’d complain too – but I’d get skinny awful quick….maybe I should go eat at a Korean school?

  2. Churlita

    I can’t imagine who whiny my girls would be if I tried to get them to eat Korean food…Or can’t I?

  3. The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch:

    American kids would probably like all that stuff if it were laden with high fructose corn syrup, minced and formed into “fingers” and deep fried like everything else they eat at school (and home).