Women in Literature… Where you be at?

This is a sad, sad story.

If you have breasts and are reading this, I suggest a cold tall glass of Chardonnay, preferably from Washington state.

Followed by a really bitchy attitude and a finger on the email send button to LA Times offices.

I mean, if you feel like I do?

Have no clue what I’m talking about?

Read the details here.

Statistics that only reinforce how

Jennifer Egan was dissed HERE.

Now, tell me if you agree with this:

We’re ready to invest our efforts and energy into the radical notion that women are writers too.

– Amy King

2 responses on “Women in Literature… Where you be at?

  1. Linda Post author

    I know… argh, yes? I joked that I should change my name to Lenny or Lawrence… but then, what about how people are known to buy books swayed by the “pretty author photo” on the back of the book… have you read about THOSE stats? ;(