Writing Contests. It’s that time of the year.

P&W just announced it’s new content for May/June 2015 issue.

Get ready, writers, this is the insider info you may have been waiting for, if contests are your thing.

If you’ve got a piece ready to submit and aren’t sure contests are the way to go, you may want to go straight to  publication queries.

P&W has your back.

Check it out.

THIS LIST OF LIT MAGS may have the Mac Daddy of Publishers in its pages.

Hey, you never know until you try. Or so I’ve heard.

Let me give you a few pointers before you submit.

As the former editor and founder of a small lit mag, I got sent a bunch— and by bunch I mean a shit ton of stories.

During that time I learned how to wade through the words.

Tip one: THIRD PERSON will be easier/ better than FIRST in almost all situations

Tip two: Shorter is better than longer. Do not feel the need to fill the page, if the word count max is 5k, a 3k story can still win.

Tip three: Draw the reader in from the beginning. Don’t make me work for it. This is a contest. You will lose.

Tip four:  Edit. Proofread. Edit some more.

Tip five: Take risks. Not with the rules, but with the writing. Be an individual.


All right, then. Get to the blank page and show the world what you have!